Five Signs Your Cat May be Sick

In case you haven’t noticed, cats are pretty good at staying mysterious. It’s hard to tell what they’re thinking most of the time, much less if they’re in pain or discomfort! There are, however, a few key indicators. Learn more below from a Livonia vet.

Changes in Behavior

A dramatic behavior change is a possible indicator of a health concern. Perhaps your cat is usually friendly, but has recently been aggressive and violent. Maybe she’s been avoiding you when she’s usually following your every move. If you think your cat’s behavior has drastically changed, check with your vet for a professional opinion.

Changes in Appearance

Did you know that a cat’s coat of fur is one of the best indicators of internal health? If you see that your cat’s coat looks extra dull and dry, or if you see bald patches, sores, more or less shedding, or an increase in itching and scratching, something could be wrong. Even if an external issue like allergies or fleas is to blame, your cat needs prompt veterinary treatment.

Changes in Eating and Drinking

Certain diseases or illnesses affect the amount your cat may eat or drink. Diabetes or inflammatory bowel syndrome, for instance, may cause your cat to eat more. A cat battling kidney disease, cancer, or gum disease may stop eating altogether. If you see your cat’s eating and drinking habits change suddenly, inform your vet.

Changes in Waste

It may sound unpleasant, but monitor your cat’s waste to make sure there aren’t drastic changes. If the stool has changed color, size, smell, or increased or decreased in frequency, it may warrant a veterinary opinion. Cats are also particularly susceptible to urinary tract infections, which can change the nature of your cat’s urination.

Changes in Breath

Does your cat’s breath seem to be especially offensive lately? A cat’s breath isn’t always going to smell great, but if it seems especially rotten, disorders could be the cause. Fruity, sweet-smelling breath is an indicator of diabetes.

Remember to keep your Livonia veterinarian’s phone number on hand at all times. This way, you can call to get help as soon as you notice any indicator of poor health in your beloved feline friend.

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