Pet Safety for Hot Weather

The hottest days of summer loom on the horizon—is your pet ready to face the rigors of this season? Keep your cat or dog safe by following your Farmington Hills veterinarian’s safety tips, found below.

Hydration and Shade

Is your pet going to be spending time outdoors this summer? Make sure she always has a bowl of cool, fresh water available to drink from. Put the bowl in a shaded spot so your pet can cool off when she needs to. Make sure to check it periodically to see if it needs refilled.

Timely Exercise

Your pet needs her exercise this summer, just like in any season. However, you may want to time it so that your pet isn’t working out in the hottest part of the day. Try going out in the early morning hours or late evening, when the temperatures aren’t as high and the sun isn’t’ directly overhead. Your pet will stay cooler while avoiding the risks of deadly heatstroke or dehydration.

Car Safety

Never leave your pet in a parked car on a summer day, even for a very short period of time. Temperatures inside a parked car can reach to over 100 degrees in a matter of minutes, even if the windows are down. Leaving a pet in a parked car is even illegal in many areas, so play it safe and leave your pet secured at home.

Trim, Don’t Shave

You may think you’re doing your dog a favor by shaving down his fur to keep him cool, but you’re actually doing the opposite—a dog’s fur protects his skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Feel free to trim longer or troublesome hairs carefully with scissors, but leave the buzz cuts to the humans of your household.

Asphalt Awareness

When the sun beats down on it all day, asphalt can reach extremely high temperatures. Have your pet avoid blacktop driveways and parking lots, because they can easily burn a pet’s paw pads and cause painful blisters. This is especially likely during the hottest parts of the day, from mid-morning to late afternoon.

Talk to your Farmington Hills veterinarian for more great hot weather tips. With some knowledge and simple precautions on your part, your pet can happily enjoy this summer to the fullest!

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