Choosing the Right Cat Collar

Every cat should have a good collar—not only are they useful for holding identification tags, they’re essential when the time comes to transport your pet. Here, a Livonia veterinarian discusses the necessities for a great cat collar.


Most cat collars nowadays are made out of nylon. It’s strong, tough to break, and won’t irritate your cat. Many even have reflective patches or strips sewn right in—these are great if your cat spends time outdoors in the evenings, or you take walks with your pet at nighttime. There are other materials available, like leather, but a simple nylon collar should work well for most cats.

Closure Mechanism

Always check the buckling or closure mechanism on the collar you’re considering. It needs to be strong and sturdy without biting into your cat’s skin. Open and close the collar device a few times—it should be easy to use but not weak or flimsy.

Quick-Release Feature

It’s always a good idea to purchase a collar that has a built-in quick-release feature. This is a safety measure that causes the collar to automatically release if your cat gets it caught on something, such as a fence post or railing. This way, the collar won’t strangle your cat if she gets herself into trouble.

Proper Adjustment

Of course, you’ll want to make sure the collar can adjust properly to fit your cat’s neck. It may be a good idea to bring your cat along with you when purchasing a collar. Remember, if your cat isn’t fully grown now, her neck will be larger by the time she’s an adult. It’s best to pick a collar that will fit her at all stages of her life.

Check the collar for proper fit by placing two fingers against your cat’s neck. They should fit comfortably between your cat’s neck and the collar.

What NOT to Get

Never make the mistake of purchasing a collar designed for dogs. Since the two animals’ anatomy is different, serious injury could result if you put on the wrong collar. Also avoid choke collars or slip collars, as these are made for dog training and can seriously hurt a cat.

If you aren’t sure what collar would best suit your feline friend, or if you have any questions regarding your cat’s essential items, don’t hesitate to call your Livonia veterinarian today.

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