Should You Give an Adopted Pet as a Gift?

You’ve been totally stumped about a gift for your friend Jen’s birthday; however, this morning you had an inspiration. Jen lives in her own home, and she’s always looking for a jogging partner and all-around exercise buddy. Since you know Jen loves dogs, you think an energetic adopted dog would make a perfect companion and a terrific birthday present. You’ll even accompany Jen to her dog’s first visit with his Livonia, MI veterinarian. Before you make that trip to the animal shelter, though, reconsider your plan to give an adopted pet as a gift.

Don’t Complicate Your Giftee’s Life

While Jen might be delighted with her canine birthday gift, she might also wish you had consulted her first. Perhaps Jen’s crazy work schedule has caused her to delay dog ownership; or maybe she can’t financially care for a dog right now. Maybe Jen is preoccupied with a serious medical issue; or perhaps she’s immersed in caring for an aging parent. Rather than making Jen’s life more complicated, and potentially causing the dog to be returned to the animal shelter, mention your pet adoption idea to Jen first. Respect Jen’s decision even if you don’t agree with it.

Personal Choice Is Always Best

Maybe Jen loves the idea of adopting a shelter dog; however, she’d prefer to choose that lifetime canine companion herself. Maybe Jen has fallen in love with a specific dog breed; or perhaps there are several breeds she’s just not comfortable with. If Jen’s looking for a specific breed, she might prefer to work with regional breed rescue groups to find that special pooch. Regardless of why Jen prefers to choose her own canine housemate, she’ll be more likely to find that perfect match if she initiates the process herself.

Give an Adoption Certificate

Maybe Jen will be ready to adopt a dog in a few months, once her work schedule or personal commitments slow down. That’s great news, because your shelter likely allows you to pay Jen’s adoption fees in advance (along with a spay/neuter fee if needed). When Jen finally selects her perfect pooch, she’ll experience the joys of pet adoption without incurring adoption expenses. Or, if Jen later decides not to adopt a dog, the shelter will benefit from a welcome donation in her name.

Finally, Jen will introduce you to her new canine companion. Offer to accompany Jen to your Livonia, MI vet, where her dog will receive a complete physical exam and updated shots. After that, Jen’s new dog can happily begin his spoiled rotten new life.

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