Create a Habitat Your Gerbil will Love

Your newly acquired gerbils, Max and Maxine, will pinch themselves when they see the plush new habitat you’ve assembled. After getting some valuable tips from your Farmington Hills veterinarian, you’ve created an enclosure that suits their behaviors and promotes their good health. You can’t wait to pick up your two new pets, who are headed directly to the vet for physical exams before they have a meet-and-greet with your family.

Just-Right Temperature

When choosing a habitat location, remember that Max and Maxine will be quite happy with indirect sunlight. However, don’t place their enclosure in direct sunlight, as their bodies can’t handle it. Avoid spots near wood stoves, heat vents, and other heat sources that can effectively bake your little rodent pets. However, you also want to keep Max and Maxine away from ceiling fan or window drafts. As a goal, keep their enclosure in a room that’s consistently between 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Comfy, Indestructible Enclosure

If Max and Maxine lived in the wild, they’d dig and chew during every waking moment. Wild gerbils generate many food storage and predator refuge tunnels; and they craft nice little dens where they can raise their young. Since you won’t permit Max and Maxine to tunnel through your home’s walls, you’ll satisfy their instinctive behaviors with a spacious glass aquarium containing piles of soft bedding material. Your happy gerbils can create their own little nest, and they won’t be able to burrow through the aquarium’s walls.

Max and Maxine will consider their 10-gallon rectangular aquarium quite roomy, but you’d get a larger one if their brothers, sisters, or cousins moved in. Like any respectable gerbil, Max and Maxine will attempt to escape, so attach a sturdy wire mesh cover they can’t gnaw through. Sanitize their enclosure at least once a week so your gerbils don’t get gassed by their waste product ammonia vapors. Their respiratory systems will thank you for a cleaner cage, too.

Upscale Bedding Choice

Max and Maxine will appreciate their bedding made from plain shredded paper, aspen shavings, or corn cobs. Don’t buy shredded paper that includes newsprint, and stay away from cedar or pine shavings.

Safety and Security

Protect Max and Maxine from overly curious visitors by elevating your gerbils’ glass aquarium. While your guests can view and interact with your gerbils, they can’t poke and prod your easily spooked pets. Your hungry cat and dog can’t reach the gerbils, either.

Provide Max and Maxine with domestic comforts including a rugged water bottle, heavy ceramic food dish, and lots of toilet paper rolls for use during playtime. Your Farmington Hills vet can suggest more safe play accessories that should help Max and Maxine stay active and healthy.

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