Top-Notch Guinea Pig Accommodations

You’ve just adopted Charlie, a personable guinea pig you recently met at your city’s animal shelter. While you’ve done considerable research on guinea pig care, you’d like some expert guidance on your rodent pet’s habitat requirements. Since Charlie has a new patient exam with his Livonia, MI veterinarian tomorrow, you’ll gather some valuable guinea pig habitat guidelines. After that, you’re off to the pet store to spoil Charlie rotten.

Climate-controlled Comfort

Since you want maximum comfort for Charlie, keep his room environment between 65 and 75 degrees. Keep Charlie out of direct sunlight and away from heating vents, fireplaces, and wood stoves. Because guinea pigs don’t sweat, they’re especially susceptible to heat stroke. Also, keep the humidity down, as too much moisture could contribute to an unwelcome medical ailment.

On the other hand, don’t expose Charlie to window and door drafts. He won’t like cold temperatures, either; so don’t place his enclosure in an unheated garage or little-used chilly room. No matter what, don’t keep Charlie outside in any weather, as he can easily become dinner for opportunistic hawks and foxes.

Prime Household Location

Since Charlie’s a rather social creature who will enjoy interacting with your family, place his enclosure in the living room or family room. With that said, though, keep his cage away from the television, sound system, or other loud noises. Keep Charlie’s cage away from your hungry dog and cat (especially the cat, who can climb, after all). Place the cage in a spot where you can control young children’s access to your furry little pet. Finally, even though Charlie would love to soak up the kitchen’s enticing smells, place his enclosure well away from any food preparation areas.

Multi-level Penthouse

Since Charlie’s an oversized guy by rodent standards, give him a roomy cage with unobstructed floor space and a low-height platform or ramp. With lots of space, Charlie can exercise when the mood strikes him, rather than waiting for your daily playtime sessions. Charlie’s regular exercise helps to reduce his risk of heart disease, diabetes, and uncomfortable anal impaction. Also, more space means Charlie can separate his toilet spot from his living environment.

Safe, Comfy Bedding

While you might think cedar or pine shavings sound nice and cozy, these wood products have added chemicals that make them a poor choice. Instead, give Charlie bedding made from paper. By spreading two to three inches of bedding in Charlie’s enclosure, you’ll manage to absorb lots of his waste products.

Now Charlie really has the most desirable guinea pig apartment in town. Work with your Livonia, MI vet to keep your rodent pet healthy so he can enjoy life with your family.

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