Could Your Dog Have a Case of Separation Anxiety?

Your Labrador retriever Lance is the friendliest, most unflappable dog you’ve ever met. With his wagging tail and happy smile, Lance makes friends wherever he goes. Nobody would suspect that Lance has a darker side that emerges when he’s left home alone. First, Lance launches into barking fits; and then he scratches and bites at the furniture and baseboards. Sometimes, Lance even drops undesirable deposits in the corners. Your home security cam revealed the details of Lance’s behavior, making you suspect he might have separation anxiety. You’ve asked your veterinarian from Livonia, MI to diagnose Lance’s problem and give him some expert help. Read more about separation anxiety symptoms below.

Barking Himself Hoarse

Lance doesn’t waste any time, as he often starts barking before your car even clears the driveway. Lance gets his vocal cords ready with some muttering and growling, and then he launches into multiple rounds of thunderous barking. Every so often, Lance begins to howl, going on for several minutes (according to your neighbors). Lance occasionally breaks to eat or drink, and then resumes his performance until someone gets home.

Canine Wrecking Ball

While Lance wouldn’t even hurt a cat, his no-nonsense jaws have done a number on your furniture and baseboards. Lance doesn’t want to get bored, so he switches between your matching living room furniture and your family’s three-generations-old dining set. When Lance completes his fine dining experience, he works on the baseboards. Along with the physical damage and replacement cost, you’re worried that Lance will injure himself by gnawing on something dangerous.

Odd Fascination With Feces

Even worse, Lance has also left several piles in hard-to-reach corners. Normally, Lance is a well-trained dog who’s very disciplined about his potty walks, and he’s not especially interested in his fecal deposits. You don’t know if Lance has deliberately ditched his exemplary manners, or if he’s simply in a panic. On the other hand, though, you don’t have much to clean up, since Lance has been snacking on his leavings.

Canine Houdini on the Loose

You believed that Lance would calm down if you placed him in a sturdy plastic crate with some toys and snacks. However, Lance went to work on the crate, escaping from his jail and then focusing on the room’s door. Good thing you got home before Lance chewed and dug his way into the hallway.

While researching Lance’s behavior, you’ve learned that some dogs only have mild separation anxiety symptoms, while other dogs get totally out of control. After your Livonia, MI vet analyzes Lance’s symptoms, he’ll prescribe a treatment plan, perhaps combining several treatment techniques. After all, your vet also wants to help Lance better handle his “home alone” time.

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