Watch for These Common Guinea Pig Health Problems

Your new guinea pig George will be one spoiled rotten pocket pet. Before you brought George home, you purchased his spacious enclosure, furnishings, and bedding. When George arrived, you immediately took him to your veterinarian from Livonia, MI, who gave your furry pet a new patient exam. The vet also provided you with details about some common guinea pig ailments. Good thing your vet is prepared to diagnose and treat George’s problems when they arise. Learn more about George’s potential health challenges.

Healthy Guinea Pig Snapshot

If George is the picture of health, his coat will be uniformly full. George’s eyes and nose won’t show any strange discharges that might mean he’s sick. George will pad around his enclosure, enjoying his high-quality kibbles; and he’ll urinate and defecate without difficulty.

Vitamin C Deficiency

Guinea pigs don’t make their own Vitamin C, and you don’t want George to experience a deficiency of this vital nutrient. Giving George some leafy green vegetables is a good start; and add a few pieces of citrus or kiwi fruit to increase George’s Vitamin C levels.

If George lacks enough Vitamin C, he can become weak and disinterested in eating; and he might also develop diarrhea. George’s joints can also swell, and he might appear to experience pain during normal movement around his enclosure. Finally, lack of sufficient Vitamin C can cause internal bleeding into George’s intestines and other tissues.

Painful Dental Problems

George’s teeth will grow like wildfire, and he needs to constantly wear down his choppers by consuming timothy hay. If George’s diet only consists of dry, crunchy food, his teeth will grow uncontrollably, causing him frequent discomfort and pain.

Uncomfortable Footpads

If George lives on a hard, non-grass surface, or on a wire mesh floor, his delicate footpads won’t receive much-needed cushioning. That means George can develop swollen, painful, and even ulcerated footpads. Head off this avoidable problem by providing George with a shredded paper, straw, or grassy hay floor.

Maddening Mite Infestations

Poor George can be susceptible to mite infestations; and this can result in lots of itchiness, scratching, and hair loss. If George itches and scratches enough, he won’t get enough good sleep. Your vet can treat George’s mite problems, but remember to clean George’s enclosure at the same time.

With a nutritious diet, regular physical checkups, and quick attention to bothersome symptoms, your Livonia, MI vet can help George to enjoy a healthy, happy life with your family.

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