What to Do If Your Pet Gets Lost

Did you know that as many as one third of all household pets will get lost? A staggering 10 million pets are lost each year. All of us here at your local Livonia, MI vet clinic hope that all of our clients’ furbabies stay safe and secure at home. That said, we strongly believe in being prepared, so we would like to offer some tips for what to do if your beloved pet ever goes missing.

Act Fast

The longer your pet is missing, the lower the chances are of your furbaby returning home. If your furkid is on the run, the distance he could have travelled increases with every hour. Therefore, the most crucial window of time is the span immediately after your pet disappears. Take action as soon as you realize your furry pal is gone.

Search the Area

Do a thorough search of your immediate area. Check ditches, empty lots, and patches of wood. If your pet is hurt, he could be just out of sight.


You may be able to place classified ads in a local paper at a discount. Don’t wait to place the ad, however, as many smaller and weekly papers deadline far in advance of publication. Local websites are another option to spread the word.


Create simple flyers with your pet’s photos, your contact information, the date your furball was lost, and any other important information. Using both side and front shots to give a clear image of what your pet truly looks like. Offering a reward may increase the odds of your furry pal being returned.


Canvas all nearby shelters. If you don’t find your furbaby, extend your search to include shelters within 60 miles. Many shelters check for microchips and will contact owners if they can, but this unfortunately isn’t a universal practice, so you may need to go in person.

Social Media

Social media is a great way to reach people. Put posts on local community pages, and ask your friends to help spread the word.


Microchipping your pet will greatly increase the odds of your furry pal returning home if he is ever lost or stolen. If your furkid isn’t microchipped, we strongly urge you to see to this immediately. Remember to keep your data current!

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