Traveling with Pets

Are you going on a trip with your pet soon? Frequent travel is common for many people in the modern world. When it comes to pets, some people prefer taking their four-legged family members along, rather than leave them at home or in a kennel. In this article, your Livonia, MI veterinarian offers some tips for traveling with pets.

Plan Ahead

Before taking your pet on a road trip, confirm accommodations for your furball, both along the way and at your final destination. Research pet-friendly hotels along your route before leaving, and check rates and policies, so there are no unpleasant surprises at check-in. Make sure your furry pal is up to date with shots and tags. Keep copies or photos of all your furball’s documents with you when you travel. You may also want to email yourself scanned copies, so you can access them from anywhere. If you think your four-legged friend will get scared or restless travelling, ask your vet about medications to calm your pet down.


Cats or small dogs may be able to fly with you in the passenger compartment. Policies can vary widely from airline to airline, so make sure to do plenty of research before flying. Larger dogs will likely have to fly in cargo. This can be a very scary and even traumatic experience for a dog, so try to avoid putting Fido on a plane unless it’s absolutely necessary. Dogs must be crated to fly in cargo, so crate train your dog well in advance. You also want to make sure the crate is completely secure and is clearly marked with your contact information and flight numbers. Add toys and blankets to make the flight more comfortable for your furry pal.


Before bringing your pet on a long distance trip, take some shorter journeys to get your four-legged pal used to riding in the car. Pets can get carsick, just like people, so you may not want to feed your furball just before departing. Always keep pets securely crated while driving. It’s much safer for both you and your furry pal! Last but not least, bring some of your own water with you. Changes in drinking water can upset your little pal’s tummy.

Is Fluffy or Fido due for shots or an examination? Contact us, your Livonia, MI veterinary clinic, for all your pet’s veterinary care needs.

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