How to Help Your Cats Get Along

Have you recently added another kitty to your household? Congratulations! We love to see pets going to good homes! Your resident feline, however, might not be quite as thrilled. If your mental visions of your kitties cuddling together have been marred by the reality of hissing, scratching, and fighting, you’ll need to take some steps to help your cats get along. In this article by a Livonia, MI vet, you’ll read some tips for how to help your cats get along.


First impressions are a huge deal to our feline friends! It’s best to introduce cats slowly. You’ll want to set your new cat up in a private room when she first arrives. Make sure Fluffy has food, water, a litter box, as well as plenty of toys and comfy napping spots. As your kitties realize there’s another feline on the other side of the door, expect to see a lot of sniffing and perhaps a game of ‘Paws under the door’. When it’s time, introduce them slowly.

Starting Out On The Wrong Paw

Cats are creatures of habit, and it can take a long time for them to adjust to major changes. It’s normal for there to be some hissing, growling, and batting at first. This should gradually subside as your cats get used to each other. If the first meeting goes badly, however, you’ll have some extra work to do.


One way to help your cats form positive associations about one another is to play with them together. Use a laser pointer or string toy to keep both kitties engaged. Do this for about ten minutes, a few times a day. Giving them treats together can also help. Ask your vet for feeding recommendations.

Avoid Jealousy

Fluffy does have a bit of a jealous streak! If your resident cat has always been the furry diva of the house, she’ll need some time to adjust. Be sure to pay equal attention to both kitties. Ignoring your resident cat, while showering attention on your new furball, could very well create or exacerbate your cat’s envy.


If your cats don’t seem to be getting used to one another, or if they are seriously fighting, keep them separated, and contact a professional for help.

Please contact us, your Livonia, MI vet clinic, for all of your kitties’ pet care needs.

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