Helpful Tips for Choosing Dog Toys

Providing your canine pal with suitable toys is an important part of good doggy care. Toys are not only great fun for Fido, they keep him occupied when you are busy or away, and help him burn off excess energy. While there are hundreds of different dog toys to choose from, they aren’t necessarily all safe or suitable for every dog. Below, a local Livonia, MI vet discusses choosing dog toys.

Tennis Balls

Tennis balls are very popular dog toys. Their bounciness make them great fun for Fido to catch. That said, tennis balls are not safe for all dogs. Larger dog breeds are at risk of choking on small balls, so if your canine buddy is a big dog, get him a larger ball.

Squeaker Toys

Many of our canine pals love squeaky toys. Some dogs are perfectly happy to play with the toy as it is, but other dogs enjoy ripping them apart to get to the squeaker. The squeaky part and the stuffing can pose choking hazards, so be sure to choose durable ones.

Flying Discs

Frisbee is one of Fido’s favorite games. Many pups love to jump and catch flying discs. Choose ones that are made of soft material and won’t break apart into small pieces. These are both safer and easier on your furry pal’s mouth.

Stuffed Animals

Stuffed toys are very popular among our canine friends. Look for washable ones, and avoid toys with small parts, like little plastic eyes or noses.

Rope Toys

Rope toys are suitable for most dogs. You can buy them, or make your own out of an old tee shirt. Just be sure Fido doesn’t unravel his. If he does, replace it immediately.

Puzzle Toys

Puzzle toys can keep Fido occupied for hours. Most of these are quite safe, but check with your vet for specific advice.


Avoid toys with sharp edges or small parts, as these can be very dangerous to your canine pal. Toys with lots of strings or rubber bands should also be avoided. Be sure to choose toys that fit your dog’s size Large dogs can easily choke on playthings meant for little dogs. Also, be sure to replace Fido’s toys when they start getting worn out!

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