Seven Things You Didn’t Know About Your Cat

If you have a kitty, chances are, you’ve gotten to know your furry little friend quite well. You might know Fluffy’s favorite napping spots, as well as her favorite way to be petted. Our feline friends are quite mysterious, however. In this article, a local Livonia, MI veterinarian lists some things you probably didn’t know about your cat.

Fluffy Sweats Through Her Paw Pads

Overheating can be very dangerous for kitties! Our feline friends don’t have many options for cooling themselves off if they get too hot. Fluffy can’t pant as effectively as Fido can, and she can only sweat through her paw pads.

Your Cat Is Nearsighted

Kitties have excellent night vision, but they’re actually a bit nearsighted. Fluffy can’t focus very well on things that are less than a foot away from her.

Kitty’s Purr Has Healing Properties

Have you ever suspected that cats are a little bit magical? Well, you may not be far from the truth! Cats purr at a range of 20-140 Hertz. The vibrations at these frequencies have been shown to benefit healing. In fact, many physical therapists use devices tuned to these levels. Kitty purrs also lower our blood pressure, help relieve stress, and even strengthen bones. Fluffy’s little motor also makes a great sleep aid, but that’s another story.

Those Toes!

Fluffy has five front toes, but only four back ones. That is, unless your feline buddy is a polydactyl. A polydactyl may sound like a type of dinosaur, but it’s really just the official term for kitties with extra toes.


Fluffy’s cute little nose has very unique patterns and ridges. Just like a human fingerprint, your cats’ noseprint is unlike that of any other feline.

Tail Tales

Did you know that only domesticated cats walk with their tails up? No one is entirely sure why, but wild cats always hold their tails out or down, while pets hold them upright.

Meow Mystery

Did you know that adult kitties rarely meow at one another? Cats only talk to their human servants, and usually when they want to give us an order. Fluffy will probably be the most talkative when she wants her dinner, or help retrieving her toy mouse from under the couch.

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