Safety Tips for Walking Your Dog

Regular walks are an important part of good doggy care. Even if Fido has a fenced yard, daily walks will provide him with exercise and stimulation. When walking your pup, you’ll want to be sure to keep safety first and foremost. A Livonia, MI veterinarian offers advice for walking your dog in this article.


Make sure Fido is wearing his collar and tags, and that the information on them is current. Microchipping is also very important. If your pooch hasn’t been chipped yet, call us today to schedule this quick and simple procedure.

Paw Care

In summer, walking on hot surfaces can cause poor Fido to get burns or blisters on his paw pads. In winter, salt, sand, and de-icing agents can hurt those furry feet. Keep your pooch on soft surfaces, like dirt or grass, as much as possible, and use paw balm or wax to protect his paws. We also recommend wipe your canine pal’s feet down after each walk.

Protect Your Pet

Be sure to keep up with Fido’s parasite prevention products. In warmer weather, check your furry pal regularly for ticks.

Night Walks

When taking Fido out at dusk or dawn, or after dark, wear reflective clothing, and bring a flashlight with you.


Make sure that Fido’s collar and leash are in good shape. You should be able to fit two fingers between your canine buddy’s collar and his neck, no more, no less. Also, make sure to always keep your dog leashed. You don’t want him chasing after a squirrel, or running into the street!

Rules of The Road

Walk on the left-hand side of the street, facing traffic. It may be hard for drivers to see your canine pal, so keep Fido to your left, away from traffic. Use sidewalks whenever you can.


Pulling on the leash is bad doggy manners! If your pup lunges, he probably needs more training. One trick that is helpful in stopping dogs from pulling is to simply reverse direction whenever your canine pal yanks on the leash.


Make sure your walking route is suitable for Fido’s age, weight, breed, and health. Ask your vet for specific recommendations.


Last but not least, always pick up after your pooch!

Do you have any questions about your dog’s health, care, or behavior? Contact us, your Livonia, MI veterinary hospital, anytime.

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