Correcting Bad Habits in Bunnies

Have you recently adopted a bunny? Rabbits make adorable pets. These little furballs can be quite a handful, however. Floppy can be very opinionated, and is a bit prone to mischief. In this article, a Livonia, MI veterinarian offers tips on correcting behavioral issues in bunnies.

Bossy Bunny

Bunnies can be quite pushy! Floppy may nip you to get you to move out of her way, or to try and get you to fork over a yummy treat. One thing that may help discourage this behavior is to make a loud, shrieking noise when your pet bites you. Whatever you do, don’t reward this behavior with treats or toys!


Just like any other animal, rabbits can be aggressive at times. Fear is often the cause of aggression in bunnies. Give Floppy time to learn to trust you. Talk to her, give her treats and toys when she’s being nice, and, if she enjoys attention, pet her gently.


Bunnies must chew to keep their teeth healthy, so don’t mistake Floppy’s chewing habit for misbehavior. Instead, provide plenty of chewable playthings. When you see your furball starting to chew something she shouldn’t, simply tell her ‘No’ firmly, and then give her a more appropriate chew toy.

What Not To Do

Never punish your furry pal for misbehaving. Bunnies don’t think the way we do, so Floppy may not even associate her behavior with your reaction. She may feel scared, anxious, or angry, as she won’t understand why she’s being reprimanded. Instead, focus on the positive by rewarding good behavior with treats, toys, and praise.

Good Bunny Care

Making sure your bunny is happy and comfortable will go a long way in helping guide her towards proper petiquette. Floppy should have a large, comfy cage; plenty of quality hay; a good diet; lots of toys; and free time outside of her cage every day. Regular veterinary care is also crucial. Ask your vet for more specific advice on rabbit care.

Intact Bunnies

It’s worth noting that spaying or neutering can help with many behavioral issues in rabbits. If your furball is still intact, talk to your vet about getting Floppy fixed.

Do you have questions or concerns about your bunny’s health or care? We are always happy to help! Please contact us, your local Livonia, MI animal clinic, for all of your pet’s veterinary care needs.

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