Fluffy’s Holiday Traditions

Are you looking forward to the holidays? We are! Our feline friends seem to enjoy this special time of year as well. In fact, Fluffy has picked up a few seasonal traditions of her own! Below, a local Livonia, MI veterinarian’s discusses some of Kitty’s favorite holiday traditions.

Tree Shenanigans

Every year, frisky kitties bring hundreds, if not thousands, of Christmas trees crashing down. In fact, this is something of an annual tradition! While you can’t entirely cat-proof your tree, there are a few ways to increase the chances of it staying upright. Pick a tree with a sturdy base, and use fishing line to secure the treetop to a wall or ceiling. Dangling ornaments are very tempting to kitties, so putting the majority of your decorations on the top half of the tree can also help.


Fluffy’s box obsession is no secret, so don’t be surprised if your cat helps herself to some empty boxes after everyone is finished opening gifts! If you really want to pamper your pet, use them to build her a kitty castle.

Furry Gift

We all know that kitties love napping. Fluffy often finds herself a special spot under the tree to curl up in. This does make sense: after all, kitties are truly gifts! If you have a real tree, be sure to cover the water so your furry friend can’t drink it, as it could contain harmful chemicals. You’ll also want to pick up any ornament hooks or tinsel pieces, as these can be dangerous to furballs.

Catmas Cards

Have you ever noticed that Fluffy appears on a rather high percentage of holiday cards? Adorable kitten pictures are another beloved seasonal tradition. If your furball will stand for it, get a cute shot of her in a little Santa hat to send to friends and family.

Let It Snow

There are few things cozier than settling into a comfy chair on a winter night with a good book or movie with a steaming mug of hot cocoa, tea, or coffee and Fluffy curled up on your lap, purring. To make the moment even more purrfect, look for a cat-themed movie to enjoy with your family. Hint: one adorably grouchy kitty now has a holiday special.

All of us here at your Livonia, MI vet clinic, want to wish you all a wonderful holiday season! Please contact us anytime!

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