Adopt a Rescued Guinea Pig Month

Did you know that March is Adopt A Rescued Guinea pig month? These adorable little furballs, also often called cavies, are very popular pets. Guinea pigs have many wonderful qualities: they’re super cute, don’t need much room, are typically quite gentle, and are lots of fun! If you’re thinking about getting a Guinea pig, read on as a Livonia, MI vet discusses some of the basics of Guinea pig care.

Home Sweet Home

Making sure your tiny furball is happy and comfortable in his home is very important. You can keep more than one cavy together, as long as you choose same-sex pairs. One cavy will need at least 7.5 square feet. If you adopt more than one cavy, you’ll need a bigger cage. A wire cage with a solid floor is a good choice. Your pet will need a suitable substrate, such as aspen. Avoid pine or cedar substrates, as they can be dangerous to small animals. You’ll also want to provide your Guinea pig with a hidey-hole, a water bottle, and food dishes.


Cavies are very playful and curious. They also need to chew, in order to keep their teeth healthy. Therefore, you’ll need to provide the little guy with plenty of suitable playthings, including lots of chew toys. You can make some great DIY cavy toys out of wood, wicker, cardboard, and paper items. Just be sure to choose only things made of safe materials. Stay away from anything with small pieces or sharp edges, and items that are coated in paint, dye, glitter, or varnish.


A proper diet is very important to your Guinea pig’s health. Grass hay is great for these little ones, as it is healthy for both their teeth and their tummies. Your little pal can have a commercial food for his main meals. You’ll also want to provide your tiny furball with fresh produce, including plenty of foods that contain Vitamin C, which is essential for cavies. Ask your vet for specific recommendations.


Cavies can learn some very cute tricks! They’re also capable of learning how to use a litterbox, which can make things much easier for you. Start slow. Time, patience, and consistency are the key to training these cute pets.

Do you have any questions or concerns about Guinea pig care? Contact us, your local Livonia, MI veterinarian, anytime!

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