6 Moments Every Cat Parent Experiences

Cats all have their own characteristics and personalities. These adorable furballs are full of charming quirks and endearing mannerisms. While every kitty is definitely unique, our feline friends do share a lot of personality traits, and some super cute habits. Read on as a Livonia, MI vet lists some moments kitty parents may find familiar.

The Mystery Dash

Fluffy can be a bit jittery at times, and can be easily spooked. Sooner or later, your furball will run from one end of the house to the other at full speed. This sometimes happens for no reason you can identify, although the mystery dash is on occasion immediately preceded by a mystery clatter.

The Interruption

Cats all have preferences for when they want to be petted. This will happen according to Fluffy’s schedule, not yours, so don’t be surprised if Fluffy wants cuddles when you’re in the middle of doing something. Your pet may sprawl out over the book you’re reading, knock your pen out of your hand as you’re writing notes, or hop into your lap as you’re working online.

The Zoomies

Kitties may spend most of their time sleeping, but those long naps are interspersed with periods of extreme friskiness. Fluffy’s habit of acting playful at random moments is definitely adorable!

The Claw Snag

Those sharp little nails are crucial for cats’ survival in the wild. For your housecat, well, they help her pounce on those catnip mice, and also allow her to climb onto couches, chairs . . . and laps. Sooner or later, your furball will accidentally scratch you while she’s trying to cuddle. Or, Fluffy may get her claw stuck in your sleeve, and meow at you for help.

The Unauthorized Intrusion

Cats feel secure in small places, because they feel safe and protected in enclosed spaces. Therefore, people who are owned by cats often find themselves having to manually remove their furballs from suitcases, boxes, drawers, and laundry baskets.

The Aww

Cats have a way of looking absolutely adorable as they’re catching their Z’s. Actually, kitties usually manage to look pretty cute no matter what they’re doing. That moment when you glance at your furry friend and can’t help but smile because she looks so lovable? That would be the Awww.

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