Creating a Doggy Playground

Does your pooch have a yard to patrol? If so, that’s great! Fido can certainly stay quite busy making sure that your property is free of trespassing squirrels. However, your dog will enjoy having a variety of things to do with his outdoor time. Why not make your pooch a doggy fun zone? A local Livonia, MI vet offers advice on making your yard a puppy playground in this article.


Does your pup like to dig? Make Fido his own little sandbox, and bury some fun toys in it for him to dig up. Your furry little pirate could spend hours playing in the sand!

Wading Pool

Many of our canine buddies love to cool off on hot days by going swimming or playing in sprinklers. Pick up a kiddie pool for Fido. When it’s really hot outside, drop in a few ice cubes and some waterproof toys. (Note: you may want to pick up a hose filter, to ensure that your dog’s pool water is clean and free of chemicals.)

Obstacle Course

Man’s Best Friend can be very active and playful! Consider make a doggy obstacle course for your pet. Include ramps, tunnels, and/or stairs for your pooch to play on.


While our furry pals are always happier and healthier living indoors, Fido certainly won’t mind having a little home of his own in the yard. When choosing a doghouse, go for function over form. Look for one that is raised off the ground, so it doesn’t get wet. We also recommend choosing one with an off-center door, as this will help keep wind out. Wooden doghouses offer better insulation than plastic ones, but avoid pressure-treated wood, as it can be dangerous for Fido.


Make sure Fido’s fun zone contains only plants that are safe for dogs. Check the ASPCA site for a full list of toxic and non-toxic plants.


Fido’s outdoor area should have plenty of shade and shelter, as well as fresh water. Keeping up with your canine friend’s parasite control is also very important, as you don’t want Fido to pick up fleas or ticks. (Tip: trimming back hedges and overhanging branches will help keep these dangerous pests away.) Last but not least, make sure your fence is secure.

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