Life Hacks for People With Cats

Cats make great pets, and it isn’t hard to see why. Kitties are not only super cute and charismatic, they’re also very clean. However, our adorable feline friends aren’t purrfect: Fluffy does have a few bad habits, and can create a bit of extra work for us. Read on as a Livonia, MI veterinarian lists some great cat care hacks.

Fur Busting

A squeegee is a great tool for getting cat fur off your furniture. You can also use a rubber dish glove or a damp sponge.

Litter Trap

If you’re having difficulty getting spilled kitty litter out of corners or crevasses, buy a clear plastic condiment or hair dye dispenser, and use the top as a vacuum attachment.


Is your furball scratching the corner of your chair, sofa, or loveseat? Put two-sided tape down in the spot Fluffy is using as a nail-care station. Your kitty will hate the sticky feeling. This works best if you offer your pet a suitable scratching post. Which brings us to the next item . . .

DIY Cat Scratcher

Get a square board, and glue a carpet sample to it. Then, attach it to the wall. It should be just high enough so that your furry little diva has to sit up to do her nails.

Bad Behavior

If your kitty does something wrong, don’t punish her. Instead, try making a loud noise: clap your hands, bang two pots together, rattle a jar of change, or use an alarm app on your phone. You can also squirt Fluffy with water. These things won’t hurt your furball, but they will startle her. Combine this with rewarding your feline pal for good behavior, and you can greatly improve your cat’s petiquette.

Counter Jumping Bust

Does your kitty sometimes jump onto your counters? Put two-sided tape on the edge. Fluffy won’t like the stickiness, so it may only take a few incidents to break her of this bad habit.

Litter Box Furniture

Fluffy’s powder room isn’t exactly pleasant to look at. Turn a wood or wicker chest, a plastic storage tote, or an end table with doors into a concealed litter box holder by cutting a kitty-sized hole in one side. Then, put the litterbox inside.

Do you have questions about your cat’s health or care? Contact us! As your Livonia, MI animal clinic, we’re happy to help!

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