Helping Your New Bunny Settle In

Did you know that February is Adopt A Rescued Bunny Month? Have you decided to give a bunny a wonderful forever home? If so, that’s great! Bunnies make very cute and lovable pets. Read on as a Livonia, MI vet discusses helping your furry buddy settle in.


First things first: make sure Floppy has a clean, comfortable cage. Bunnies are very active and playful, and need quite a bit of space to run and play, so get the biggest cage you have room for. Avoid cages with wire bottoms, as they can be dangerous to your pet’s cute paws. Next, add a suitable substrate, such as aspen. Your furry pal will also need a hidey-hole; food dishes; a water bottle; and lots of fun toys, including plenty of chew toys. You can also include a litterbox and hay rack. Ask your vet for more information.


Bunnies get restless and unhappy if they spend all their time in their cages. You’ll need to do some bunnyproofing to keep both your furry friend and your belongings safe. Remove, secure, or protect anything you don’t want your bunny chewing on. This means pretty much anything and everything Floppy can reach, including toxic plants; plastic bags and ties; wires and cords; carpet; baseboards; furniture legs; shoes and purses; and other small items.


Good nutrition is very important! Floppy should always have an unlimited supply of fresh grass hay, such as Timothy hay. She’ll also need a commercial bunny food, as well as fresh produce. Ask your vet for recommendations, including safe and unsafe food and suitable snacks.

Veterinary Care

Schedule an appointment for your cute pet right away. You’ll want to make sure that Floppy is current on recommended vaccinations and parasite control, and have her thoroughly examined, in case there are any health issues you should address. Ask your vet for specific advice, including grooming tips, nutritional advice, and signs of sickness to watch for.


Let your bunny settle in before you try to handle her. During this time, talk to Floppy, and offer her toys and treats, but don’t force attention on her. With time, patience, and TLC, you’ll be getting bunny happy dances, which are known as binkies, in no time!

Do you have questions or concerns about your pet’s health or care? Contact us, your Livonia, MI animal hospital, anytime!

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