3 Reasons to Spay Your Pet

Did you know that February 28th is World Spay Day? This is one occasion we can really get behind! Getting your pet fixed is one of the best things you can do for their health and well-being. Read on as a local Farmington Hills, MI vet discusses some key reasons why we recommend getting your furry friend spayed or neutered.


Getting your four-legged pal fixed can have a wonderful impact on his or her health. Pets that are fixed tend to live longer and stay healthier than intact furballs. Getting your dog or cat spayed or neutered can reduce—or even eliminate—the odds of their developing some very dangerous health conditions, such as certain types of cancer. Ask your vet for more information about the health benefits of getting Fluffy or Fido fixed.


Our furry companions are often much calmer once they have been fixed. Intact dogs, for instance, are often quite excitable. It isn’t uncommon for Fido to try to run off in search of love. Our canine pals often tend to be more rambunctious, and sometimes more aggressive, before they have been fixed. As for Fluffy, getting her spayed or neutered can also calm her down. Additionally, fixing your kitty greatly reduces the odds of spraying, which is reason enough by itself. Plus, you’ll be spared the sound of your furball’s amorous singing. If you’ve never heard a lonely kitty yowling about her search for love, well, let’s just say this is definitely another reason to get your feline buddy fixed.

Promote Good Animal Welfare

If you love animals, as we do, you probably wish you could do something to help all the homeless pets that are in shelters or on the streets. Animal overpopulation is one of the biggest reasons that there are so many unwanted pets out there. By getting your furry friend fixed, you are ensuring that they won’t contribute to the problem by having unwanted litters. Even if you know that your pet would have absolutely adorable offspring, not letting your four-legged friend breed is really the responsible thing to do. After all, there is no way for you to ensure that your pet’s descendants will all end up in loving homes.

Do you need to schedule spay/neuter surgery? Contact us! As your local Farmington Hills, MI animal clinic, we are always here to help!

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