6 Adorable Things Your Cat Will Do Over the Holidays

The holiday season is in full swing! At this time of year, many of us are busy shopping, cooking, wrapping gifts, and decorating. Your kitty may also have some plans for the next few weeks! Read on as a Livonia, MI vet lists some cute things your furry pal will do over the holidays.

Attack The Tree

Every year, some of our feline friends knock over beautifully decorated trees. You can’t really blame Fluffy for this: after all, cats in the wild climb trees for shelter and safety, as well as for good vantage points. To increase the chances of your tree staying upright, get a tree with a sturdy base, so it won’t wobble or topple over on your cat. We also advise decorating the bottom branches with unbreakable ornaments, and keeping fragile, flashy decorations on the top.

Play With Decorations

Kitties often can’t resist batting at shiny ornaments, or playing with the ribbon on boxes. Just be sure to put your pet’s safety first. Tinsel, ribbon, ornament hooks, garlands, and lights are all dangerous to our feline pals. Make sure to keep these things out of paws’ reach!


Even in the midst of the holiday bustle, your furry friend will still keep up with her busy napping regime. Fluffy may explore some seasonal napping spots, however. For instance, your kitty may curl up under the tree, or in a box you are trying to wrap.

Beg For Treats

While Fido may be more known for begging than Fluffy, our feline buddies do take note when something they like comes out of the oven. Feel free to share some meat, fish, or poultry with your pet. Just make sure your kitty’s food is plain and unseasoned, with the bones, skin, and fat removed.

Jump In Boxes

Fluffy’s box obsession may not make a lot of sense, but it is adorable. Be sure to give your kitty some empty gift boxes to play in!


There’s nothing better than settling down on a chilly night with a good book or movie, a hot cup of tea or coffee, and a purring cat. Spend some quality time with your adorable pet during the holidays!

Happy Holidays! Please feel free to contact us, your Livonia, MI pet clinic, anytime. We are happy to assist with all of your cat’s veterinary care needs.

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