How to Deal With Problem Barking

Does your dog bark more than you’d like? Just like people, some dogs tend to vocalize more than others do. Some pups only speak up when there’s someone at the door, while others are rarely quiet. A Farmington Hills, MI vet offers tips on stopping problem barking below.

Be Positive

Never yell at or punish Fido for barking. Dogs don’t understand punishment. If you reprimand your pup, you may just end up scaring or upsetting him.

Take Away Motivation

Does your dog know that if he barks long enough, you’ll take him for a walk, or reward him in some other way? If so, you may have taught him to bark incessantly! Remove your furry buddy’s motivation for barking. For instance, if Fido barks at the squirrel in the yard, close the drapes so he can’t see it. In fact, it’s really best just to ignore your pet when he’s barking.

Good Basic Care

Dogs sometimes bark because they are lonely, bored, or uncomfortable. Make sure your pooch is getting great food, regular veterinary care, and lots of attention, and keep him inside in bad weather. To avoid doggy boredom, offer your furry friend plenty of toys, play with him regularly, and walk him every day.

Reward Good Behavior

If you want to correct your canine pal’s bad doggy behavior, you’ll need to reward him for doing good. Put your talkative pet in his crate, or in a quiet spare room with a baby gate at the door. Fido may bark for a while, but eventually he’ll fall silent. When he does, give him treats and praise.


Did you know that you can teach Fido when it is and isn’t okay to bark? Teach your pup that he’ll get a yummy treat if he ‘speaks’ on command. When he has this down, show him the reverse. Hold out a yummy treat, and tell him to be quiet. Reward him for obeying. Next, start lengthening and varying the amount of time Fido has to stay silent to get his treat. Be patient and consistent!

Tire Fido Out

Take Fido for a vigorous walk every day, and then tire him out with a fun play session. Even the loudest dogs don’t bark while they’re napping!

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