Things That Confuse Dogs

Does your canine buddy sometimes do that adorable doggy head tilt when he seems confused? This super cute habit often seems like Fido’s way of asking ‘What?’ Actually, there are quite a few things that Man’s Best Friend hasn’t quite figured out yet. A Livonia, MI vet lists some of them below.


Hugs are a sign of affection among people. While many of our canine pals enjoy cuddling with their human buddies, they don’t see hugs the same way we do. In fact, in doggy language, hugs are a sign of dominance! Your pet may not mind you hugging him, but he may feel very uneasy if a stranger does it.

Conflicting Commands

Dogs are very smart, and are capable of learning well over a hundred words and phrases. However, it’s very easy to confuse your pet by using more than one phrase for the same command. Don’t tell your pup ‘Sit’ one day, and ‘Fido, sit down right now!’ the next.


Ok, to be fair, our feline friends actually confuse everyone. We may never stop puzzling over Fluffy’s box obsession or the fact that she can’t resist jumping on a bed that’s being changed. However, cats make even less sense to dogs than they do to the rest of us. They hate car rides, don’t care much for bacon, and voluntarily clean themselves!

Vacuum Cleaners

If you have a dog, vacuuming is one of your best ways to get rid of pet fur and fight fleas. However, your furry pal may very well see that vacuum as a scary robot that is trying to suck up his home!

Laser Pointers

We know, this one perplexes kitties too. It can be super cute to watch a playful pooch chasing after that elusive red dot. Spend a few minutes a day holding a laser pointer for your pup to chase. This can also be a great way to keep your four-legged buddy active and entertained.


We know, most of our canine patients would rather visit the doggy park than come see us. We don’t take it personally. But even if your pooch doesn’t know what his exams and vaccinations are all about, he’ll still look and feel better with proper care.

Is your dog due for an exam? Does Fido need a microchip, or parasite control? Call us, your Livonia, MI pet clinic, today!

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