Bringing your pet in for surgery, regardless of how simple or routine the procedure might be, can be a nerve wracking and stressful time for you both. You want to know that your animal companion will be safe and in good hands at all times. At Village Animal Clinic, we want to set your mind at ease. We work very hard to ensure that each and every surgery performed in our clinic is handled in a manner that is as stress-free as possible for everyone. When it comes to surgical care, the safety and comfort of our patients is always our top priority.

Our experienced veterinarians perform a wide variety of surgical services, while always adhering to the highest standards of safety and care. Our state of the art surgical suite is clean, safe and fully outfitted with all the most modern equipment and technology and our doctors are skilled in the latest surgical techniques available, including laser surgery, ensuring that each patient we serve receives the best possible care.

If it is determined that your pet will require surgery, he or she will be thoroughly examined and carefully tested beforehand to verify that undergoing such surgery, particularly administration of anesthesia, won’t be too much for your pet to handle. We never want to place our patients at risk and will take every measure to ensure their wellbeing at all times while in our care.

We carefully select our anesthetic products based on safety, minimal side effects and synergy (combining local anesthesia, narcotics and non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, etc.) for maximum pain relief. Pain management protocols are customized for each individual patient based on age, medical history, breed, presence of any existing disease, overall health and the type of surgery being performed. All patients are closely monitored using metered I.V. fluids, heat support, cardiogram, pulse oximetry, respiratory, temperature, and blood pressure by a Licensed Veterinary Technician to ensure their safety and comfort throughout the process.

Once surgery has been completed, a member of our care team will reach out to you to let you know how everything went and to schedule a time for you to come retrieve your pet. When you arrive, we’ll thoroughly explain our post-surgical care instructions and discuss an appropriate pain management plan to help your pet recover comfortably. Our goal is to have your pet fixed up and back to his or her normal, active lifestyle as soon as possible.

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