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Dental Care for Exotic Pets

Dogs and cats aren’t the only pets that benefit from and require dental care. Rabbits, guinea pigs and other exotic pets need dental care to keep their teeth and mouths healthy. At Village Animal Clinic, P.C., we provide dental services for all pets.

Advantages to Dental Care for Exotic Pets

Proper dental care is vital to the longevity and health of your pets. Dental diseases that affect dogs and cats can also affect, rodents and rabbits. Getting regular checkups can help you prepare for any dental conditions your pet may develop. Veterinarians can suggest treatment for any illnesses your pets encounter and show you how to apply the treatment at home.

How Dental Care for Exotic Pets Works

All pets should have healthy teeth so they can chew and open their mouths correctly. Veterinarians can assess your exotic animal’s mouth for any abnormalities and signs of dental diseases, then discuss proper husbandry and dental care techniques to ensure your pet’s health.

Some pets like rabbits and guinea pigs have teeth that require grinding procedures. Teeth grinding may be necessary so rabbits can eat and drink with ease. At Village Animal Clinic, P.C., we have special dentistry services to trim your pet’s teeth.

When we do any dental care procedures, pets must undergo anesthesia. Giving pets anesthesia ensures their safety while we work on their teeth. Before administering anesthesia, we conduct a thorough exam to ensure your pet is healthy enough. If your pet can proceed with the surgical extraction or grinding procedure, when we give anesthesia, we closely monitor your pet to ensure everything works according to plan.

Exotic Pet Dental Care In Farmington, MI

If you have an exotic pet that needs dental care, visit our team at Village Animal Clinic, P.C. We provide dental care for small animals and exotic pets to ensure their teeth are healthy and continue to function as they should. You can find us in Farmington, Michigan, and we proudly serve the metro Detroit area. If you would like to schedule an appointment or request more information about our exotic pet dental care, call us at 248-477-0344 or fill out our contact form.