Pet Endodontics

Pet Endodontics

Pet Endodontics

If you notice your pet experiencing pain, it may be because they have an endodontic disease. Endodontic conditions can occur from trauma, broken teeth, or periodontal disease. Dogs and cats can experience endodontic disease and benefit from treatment.

Pet dentists use endodontic practices to relieve pain. Endodontics is a branch of dentistry that focuses on the tooth pulp (dental pulp)the innermost part of a tooth that contains connective tissue, nerves, and blood vessels.

Benefits of Pet Endodontics

When pets are in pain because of a broken or dead tooth, the best way to address the issue is to take your pet to a pet dentist.

Pet endodontics allows the veterinarian to:

• Get to the root of the problem

• Determine the best solution

• Perform necessary treatment

• Provide medication for infection and pain

Some of the most common ways to relieve pain include root canal therapy or vital pulp therapy (“pulpotomies”). Endodontic procedures can be an effective alternative to tooth extractions.

How Endodontics Work

Pets may get infections in fractured teeth, which can cause them immense pain and lead to oral surgery. Veterinary dentistry relies on endodontics to treat infections found inside the tooth, which cause damage to the pulp.

A root canal is a popular, minimally-invasive endodontic treatment with a shorter recovery period than an extraction. During the procedure, the veterinarian will remove any remaining tissues in the tooth’s pulp chamber, sterilize it and fill it with a sealant and place a restoration or crown.

For trained veterinarian dentists or residents to perform root canals, pets need to undergo anesthesia. With pets under anesthesia, the dentists can safely complete the surgery. We do everything possible to ensure pets stay safe during the procedure and to combat any risks.

Pet Endodontics In Farmington, MI

Reach Out to Village Animal Clinic, P.C. Endodontic treatments help relieve pain when your pet’s teeth are infected or aching. They provide an effective alternative to extractions and let pets keep their teeth. If you want to learn more about our pet endodontic services, you can fill out our contact form or call us at 248-477-0344. We’re located in Farmington, Michigan, and are happy to serve guests in surrounding areas like Ann Arbor, Livonia, Detroit, and Troy.