Dr. Tom Kavanagh

Dr. Tom Kavanagh

Owner, Chief of Staff

Growing up in metro Detroit as one of 11 siblings, Tom raised rabbits, tended to sick and wounded wildlife, and even had a pet crow that followed him around for years! Now he’s the Owner and Chief of Staff at Village Animal Clinic.

Dr. Kavanagh enjoyed chemistry and biology in high school. He attended Wayne State University before transferring to Michigan State University’s College of Agriculture. After graduation, he worked in Alaska for a bit before coming home and working in Michigan. After five years, he purchased Village Animal Clinic and has been here ever since. He’s a specialist in veterinary dentistry, oral surgery, and oral medicine, and is even an Assistant Adjunct Professor at Michigan State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine!

At home, Dr. Kavanagh has three dogs, Apache, Maya, and Eli, as well as a cat named Phoebe. He lives with his wife, Sandy. They have two adult children.

Some of Dr. Kavanagh’s greatest memories include migratory waterfowl bird-watching, where he saw a bald eagle swoop down to catch her dinner. He also enjoyed watching ospreys dive into the water to catch fish.